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Some Facts about Yogasana Every Beginner Must Know

Facts About Yogasana

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means ‘to yoke’ or ‘to union’. It is a practice of physical, mental and spiritual which is originated in India. It’s a discipline of life. The main aim of yoga is to create union between mind body and spirit, as well as between the individual and universe consciousness.

In Modern world, people are busy with their daily routine along with the celebration of weekends vacations etc. Due to this pattern of life leading, people are suffering from different type of health issues. As a result, most of human beings are adding physical exercise as well as diet-plan in their daily routine, such as Dancing, Gyming, Swimming, Walking, Practicing-Yoga etc.

In my view only physical fitness is not a goal. There must be peace of mind so that we can live our life. That means healthy life in both physically and mentally. Now coming to the point that Yoga is only the way through which one can achieve peace of mind and good physical health. Reason why I said this – yoga asana works with our breath and so-called yoga is a form of breathing exercise and yoga is a curative system too.

Yoga practice includes yoga-asana (which stretch our body), pranayama (which works on our breath), AUM chanting (which works to vibrate some inner parts and have thousands of benefits), Meditation (Dhyana). There are some mudras found in yoga and it is a hand gesture. Some mudras are used during meditation practice as a means of focusing the flow of vital life force energy known as Prana.

YOGA is now a popular form of exercise around the world but in Indian traditions ‘YOGA’ is more than physical exercises or breathing exercises.

The lord Shiva who is also called Adi Yogi and the lord Bishnu were in Yog Nidra before creation of Universe. So, we can easily imagine how old is yoga, it is as old as the creation of happen. According to yogic culture the Adi-Yogi, Shiva’s asanas “most useful in the world of mortals”. There were 8,400,000 asanas but Shiva toned it down for us mortals and described 32 of the most useful to regular humans.

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